Issues with Sony Gadgets and How to fix them

Electronic devices become important in our daily lives. Everyone is interested in maintaining smartphones, laptops, tablets and game consoles. Sometimes your beloved gadget is damaged or stopped working. Without stress, you need to find a service centre and consult the technical staff about your problems related to your gadget. Today, we’ll discuss some of the issues associated with Sony Xperia smartphones, laptops, tablets and game consoles.


First of all, I would like to mention that the cooling system on the laptop is defective. When laptops are manufactured at the factory, they may use inexpensive thermal sink paste. This is why, after continuous use, it starts overheating, crashes and causes random shutdown.

As I said before, the overheated problem can be solved by disassembling the laptop. To this end, a screwdriver is required. Sony uses two types of screws for the laptop, so it’s easy to remember where they come from. First, remove the screws that secure the heat sink. Remove the heat sink and clean the CPU surface.

Apply silver or gold heat-sensitive compounds of the CPU. Then put all the things together. If it works, then you need to use it very carefully, or look for a repair stores to your nearest location and fix it as soon as possible.

Hard drive problems:

Fixing this issue is possible by opening the laptop. Before we try to open it, please ensure that the warranty period has expired. Usually this is one year from the date of purchase. If the laptop is still under warranty, we can try to return it to the dealer. But, the place where you bought it will be resistant to accept the laptop, and will tell you that it’s a software problem. Software problems are usually not covered under warranty.

Another problem most likely to occur on a Sony laptop is the failure of the hard drive. Typically, this is caused by slow system performance, a program crashes or even a blue screen.There are two good programs to check the hard drive. If that’s not helpful, then look for the best repair technician who can easily solve issues of Sony laptops and make it work better.

Wi-Fi connectivity problems:

If you have a Sony laptop repair and wifi suddenly stopped working. Then, go to the Wireless Adapter Settings -> Network and Sharing Center, change the adapter settings, right-click and select Properties, “click the Internet Protocol Version 4”, and then select the Properties button.

Make sure to select an IP address automatically and DNS server automatically. Restart the laptop, and then search for the connection again. If it’s not connecting and causing problems, then look for a service center, where an expert repair technician fixes issues associated with your gadget.

Motherboard Issues:

Whether your Sony laptop is running slow or not, we can help you. There is no reason to buy a new Sony laptop when you can repair or upgrade your current system and only need a fraction of purchasing a new one. Here are some Sony laptop repair services available to help you save money.

Repair any power supply problems due to liquid spills, power failure, or lightning strikes. The motherboard controls the following hardware, such as audio, video, power, keyboard, USB, FireWire, and touch pad. If you are experiencing problems with any hardware components and need to fix. Then you have to find an expert technician to diagnose the problem. This is usually cheaper than replacing your motherboard.

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Sony Repair offers a wide range of repair and replacement services related to the various problems associated with the Sony laptop in the UK, at the Sony Repair Centre in Manchester. Our repair services apply not only to Sony laptops, but also to all Sony smartphones, tablets and game consoles with warranty. At our service centre, we provide fast and reliable repair services without wasting time. We are available at your service for any of your repair needs. Our experts are eager to help you in fixing your devices.


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