Few tips to fix Laptop issues in the UK

In today’s generation, laptops have gained importance in our daily lives. It is easy to carry from one place to another. In this article, we will discuss some of the issues associated with Laptops and the best way to fix it in the UK.

Laptop won’t boot up properly:

The operating system and other software on the laptop can cause a number of problems. Many laptops have custom software installed to suit individual needs. One simple trick is to try to enter safe mode, press the F8 key on the keyboard during startup, and try to clear your laptop using anti-virus.

If you need to reformat your laptop, reinstall your operating system from the CD that came with the laptop. At the time of installation, you will need all the drivers CD. If you are not able to start up properly, look for a repair service specialist who can solve your laptop problem.

One of Drives is missing:

If you turn on your laptop and cannot see the CD-ROM or any other removable drives like DVD-ROM drive. This problem is common for laptop and it may be caused by a drive failure or  damaged software. If its a removable drive try to remove it and insert it again.

There may be a need to reinstall the driver. Fast search on the Internet, you should be able to find the latest one. Try to install the driver properly. If not, ask an expert repair technician for tips on fixing the problem.

Dropped Laptop:

Unfortunately, losing the laptop can cause a lot of problems, from cracking a case to shattering the screen. Many older laptops have modular components that can be replaced, but newer and smaller laptops are now almost always integrated on the motherboard, which makes repair expensive.

In some cases, it may be cheaper to replace the entire laptop than to repair it, depending on the damage and age of the laptop. Sometimes its repair is cheaper than buying a new one, search for the best repair stores having experienced technicians to fix the problem at a reasonable price.

The battery not charging:

When you try to charge your laptop. You are surprised to find that it does not work, try removing and reinserting the battery. The battery pack is exposed to excessive heat or cold. Put the battery in a suitable environment and try again in a few minutes. If it does not work, the battery may be damaged and may need to be repair.


Excessive use of the laptop makes it hot from the bottom. When it is hot, you can feel the heat. Ensure that the laptop is properly ventilated and that the fan ports are not blocked. If this does not cool it, put the system into sleep mode or turn off for one hour. Make sure the vents are not blocked and the laptop is not sitting hot. Check whether you are using the correct adapter for charging.

Battery Draining:

The battery is not fully discharged before charging. The power option is disabled or the peripherals are using too much power. Allow free space and smooth functionality of your laptop by removing unwanted applications from your storage. If your laptop comes with built-in battery, then you need to consult a repair service, the best technician can solve the problem and return to your device as soon as possible.

Speed Problems:

You run anti-virus software on your laptop. These use a lot of system resources. We recommend that any laptop has at least 1GB of system memory. Most current operating systems require at least that amount to run efficiently. If you are running less memory, we recommend that you upgrade the memory.

Another problem with speed is due to slow Internet or Wi-Fi connections. Check that your Internet speed is working properly, if not try to reset the connection by turning off the modem.

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