A few tips to fix issues for Sony Laptops in the UK

The laptop is one of the useful electronic devices in our daily life. Sony has a range of Vaio Laptops with the best design, appearance and performance. Despite the advantages, it also faces some problems with display, network connectivity, audio, overheating and battery problems. We will discuss some of the problems and suggest how to fix them.

Black Screen Issues:

If your laptop turn on, the power LED will light up, the cooling fan will run, but nothing appears on the screen. It is completely black and empty. This could be a memory error. One of the memory modules may fail. In this case, you can reset the memory modules to make sure they are in good contact with the socket. You can try to extract the memory modules one by one and test the laptop with only one module installed.

If the memory resets / replacement does not help, try removing the hard drive, DVD drive, modem, wireless card, and keyboard. In other words, disassemble the laptop and test again. If the laptop is not turning on, it is likely that the motherboard or processor is disabled. Search for a repair centre with experts for fixing issues with your Sony laptop.

Won’t turn on:

A laptop that will not boot even if it is plugged in may have a faulty power supply, battery, motherboard, video card, or RAM. If you have control of the power connection and this is subtle, it will be easier to evaluate the repair unless you go and test yourself. You should consult one of the specialists in your area for repair and replacement services with your gadget.

Overheating problems:

The overheating problem can be fixed by disassembling the laptop. For this purpose, a Philips screwdriver is required. Sony uses two types of screws for the Vaio laptop. For this reason, it is easy to remember where they came from. First, unscrew and remove the cooler,then clean the CPU surface.

Apply a silver or gold color CPU thermal composition. Then put everything together. If it is still the same, then search for repair service who are experienced in fixing problems with your Sony laptop.

Battery problems:

As you know, battery life is shortened with constant life and unloading. In fact, the charge capacity may show a reduction of about 50% after two years of repeated daily charge and discharge. This usually happens to a laptop connected to an AC adapter at home. While battery disturbance cannot be prevented, the degrading rate can be significantly slowed down by following some ideas. It’s better to  replace a battery when its charging performance is poor.

Sony Repairs provide all sorts of tremendous repair services for your Sony laptop and ensure that it works as soon as possible at a reasonable price. We have experienced repair technicians for fixing issues with the respective laptop model in Sony. Our services are provided nationwide in the UK.

For more details, visit our website at http://www.sonyrepairing.uk.


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