Few Tips To Fix Issues For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge smart phones are well known and most popular devices in the market. Some problems, as reported, are overheating and quickly draining the battery causes the Galaxy devices to malfunction. Today, we will discuss some issues and suggest how to fix them.

Fingerprint scanner not working:

Occasionally, you can see that the S7 Edge has stopped recognizing your fingerprint and you need to enter your PIN or password to gain access. There is no obvious reason for this. You can also see that entering new fingerprints has failed. Try opening it with a password, go to settings, delete the fingerprint list by placing a new one, if you are having problems, check out the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge repair centre to solve problems with your gadget.

Freezing problems:

Many people were frustrated when the S7 Edge is frozen or restarted. Here is a good chance that an application you install will cause the problem. You can control it by booting in safe mode, then touch power button to off the Galaxy S7 Edge. Press and hold the Power button until you see the Samsung logo, hold down the first Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen until the end, then press Power and hold down Volume. When the S7 Edge starts, you should say safe mode in the lower left corner. If the problem is gone, you know that an app is responsible or something else you are looking for in a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge screen repair company that can solve the problem.

The Screen turns on randomly:

Several people are reporting a problem that the S7 Edge screen is opening randomly. No incoming calls or messages and no notifications, the screen itself turns to life. You can choose to have the screen with always-on and simple information by going to Settings -> Display -> Always on screen, but the screen we talked about here looks like it clicked on the Power button. There are a few reasons why this is not happening. Consult the Samsung galaxy s7 edge repair centre for the best technique to solve the problem and make it work as before.

Wireless charging is slow:

You should use the fast wireless charging feature in your S7 Edge to charge your phone fully within about two and a half hours. The cable is not as fast as the highest speed you’ll get, but it’s pretty good. However, some people charge through wireless chargers more than the few hours. For any help, you need to contact Samsung galaxy s7 edge repair technicians.

Overly sensitive touch screen:

Many people discover that the touch screen and touch navigation buttons are very sensitive. This results in accidental launching of applications or selection of things while dealing with the phone. Some people also complain about typing mistakes, because even walking around on the screen is enough to make a choice. You should try the nearest repair centre for all issues related to the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge scree repair.

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