Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – Repair and Replacement Services

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the best smartphones in the market. Most users have reported problems with their Samsung devices. With that in mind, we look at some common Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge issues and offer solutions to fix them.

Fingerprint scanner issues:

A few number of users reported problems that the fingerprint scanner can not detect and ask for a replacement password. In addition, the backup passwords are not recognised and future password reset attempts are not set. Finally, when some users turn on the device using the finger scanner, the device notifies the user of a random application without making any changes to the settings.

A problem with the fingerprint scanner seems to be a software bug, and a future update should solve this problem. There are a few workarounds until then. First, make sure that you note the backup password when you install the finger scanner, and when the scanner fails, the device asks for the password, this should be enough to unlock the device. For any queries, you can call Samsung galaxy s6 edge repair centre to solve problems with your gadget.

Connectivity issues:

You may have problems with your Samsung device while connecting to Wi-Fi. Turn off the device and the router for at least ten seconds, then turn it on and try to reconnect again. Go to Settings – Save power and make sure this option is turned off. Use the Wi-Fi Analyzer to check how long your channel can stay and switch to a better option.

Make sure that the router software is up to date. The applications and software on the device are up-to-date. Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced setting, make a note of your device’s MAC address, and make sure that the router allows access to the MAC filter. If it’s not, then you may need to search for Samsung galaxy s6 edge repair centre to solve any sorts of issues with your device.

Auto-Rotate not working:

Some users have reported that the auto-rotate feature on their device is not working. With this Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is more prevalent, several regular Galaxy S6 owners also reported this concern. Some users have reported that the screen rotation setting appears to be turned off automatically. Make sure it is on in the Quick settings menu.

There may be a problem with the G-sensor and accelerometer calibration. By touching the sensor, you can test for a problem and see if the sensors are working properly. Download an application from the Google Play Store, such as the GPS or Status Toolbox. There is a solution to fix your device by searching Samsung galaxy s6 edge repair and replacement centre near your location.

The camera, LED won’t turn off:

When the first Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge units passed into the hands of consumers, people said they were delighted to see that the small LED working, after some time the same small LED refused to close again. The problem was initially confined to some users, but it soon appeared on other carrier branded devices as well as unlocked handsets. Samsung admitted that there was a problem and that it would look into it.

Although Samsung promised a fix in early April, the Android 5.1.1 update did not happen until mid-June, but the Android flash memory update was finally labelled as resolved. If you have not upgraded yet, you may upgrade it now to fix your problem or take your device to one of the service Samsung galaxy S6 edge repair centre to fix issues and make it work as before at a reasonable price.

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