Faults with new MacBook Pro and what to do if you’re affected

A few owners of the MacBook Pro have experienced hardware problems from malfunctioning keyboards and trackpads to a speaker and charging problems. Here’s how to tell if you’ve been affected and how to fix the MacBook Pro hardware problems if you have.

Many users have pointed out that the new MacBook Pro keys to the butterfly mechanism are noisy like old school mechanical keyboards, but users in the community are reporting problems with buttons that do not work in the new box.

Even worse, the fault can be intermittent. Instead of getting irritated you can easily visit the Apple store to check whether this might cause issues in future or search for the MacBook repair store which can solve problems with your device.

This is likely to be a manufacturing or design issue. Still, developers have reported since the release of mac OS Sierra that Apple reworked the input subsystem, so there’s a small chance it might be a software issue.

Other users have reported problems including keys feeling ‘spongy’ rather than ‘clicky’, and some keys making a high-pitched clicking noise when pressed. The problems seem to occur when the MacBook gets hot, but some users have reported having issues at any temperature. For this you need to look for a MacBook repair centre were experts solve problems and make it work as before.

Some users report being a little heavy-handed when typing or even hammering the faulty key many times with your finger, can cure the issues. Alternatively, if this does turn out to be a software issue then a future mac OS Sierra update might provide the fix although you’ll obviously have to sit on your hands until then!

We recommend that you return to Apple for replacement, rather than typing heavy manual or expecting to fix a software that cannot be performed to further damage the keyboard. If not, you can call a professional MacBook repair service to help you solve the problem and get it working as quickly as possible.

The new MacBook Pro models only have USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 ports and therefore need adapters to connect any external hardware. However, there are reports that not all USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 adapters work correctly with the new MacBook Pro models.

One obvious solution is to buy Apple’s own USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 adapters. It would probably be cheaper to buy third-party adapters or platforms, but as Apple has stated, only those approved by Apple are guaranteed to work and still have relatively few. If you have an incompatible Thunderbolt 3 dock, contact our experts at the MacBook repair centre for advice related to issues with your gadget.

For more details related to screen, network, battery, charging port, volume and home button with your MacBook. Visit our website at www.applerepairer.co.uk.


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