How to fix Touch Disease issues for Apple iPhone 6 Plus?

Apple’s iPhone 6 plus smartphones have a hardware failure, but there is a new solution. Apple may show screen flicker or Multi-Touch issues after some iPhone 6 plus devices have dropped multiple times on a hard surface. If your iPhone 6 plus displays the above issues, it is in working condition and the screen is not broken or cracked then Apple can repair it.

Of course, there is no way to tell exactly how many iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6 are affected with what we are calling Touch Disease, but every iPhone repair centre told that the problem is incredibly common.

Apple has launched a repair program for a widely reported problem known as ‘touch disease’ with your iPhone 6 plus. This malfunction makes the touchscreen useless and can be seen as a thin grey line at the top of the screen. Apple has claimed that this defect originated from the repeated dropping of the phone. Here’s everything you need to know about “touch disease” and how Apple’s new repair program works.

Other repair companies have been referred to as an increasing number of complaints about a touch issue between the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 users. The problem is causing the iPhone screens to become unresponsive. The malfunction of the so-called “touch disease” was claimed to have taken Apple’s attention online and through retail stores with its own online support forums.

What is Touch Disease?

Many Apple repair service providers claimed that the problem was not a screen, but maybe two touchscreen controller chips or a Touch IC chip. Apple has confirmed it as a flaw and not a touch disease. It is causing due to dropping multiple times. The company said it will not cover the cost of repair for the iPhone 6 plus, but has launched a “Multi-Touch Repair Program” for affected users.

What if you already paid for a repair?

Apple indicated that who paid for the repair service of iPhone 6 plus in advance, deserves a refund equal to the difference between the original service repair cost and the new program price. Apple has started communicating with their customers and who eventually paid for a fix in the past at Apple retail store or Apple technical support.

How does the repair program work?

Apple offers three service options for iPhone 6 plus users: contact an Apple Service Provider, go to an Apple Retail Store or contact Apple technical support. Apple said your iPhone will be reviewed before any service to confirm that it is available for the program that it is in working order.

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