Xbox One Game Console – Disc Drive Issues & Solutions

Xbox is one of the game consoles manufactured by Microsoft. If you’re having a problem with your Xbox, then you need check whether it’s not a big one. Sometimes, it may be the disc problem which is caused by breaking on a sudden fall or scratches on the disc which does not allow running the game console.

If you are specifically having trouble with Ultra High Definition Blu-ray discs with your Xbox One console. However, many of the customer’s and repair centre are aware that a limited number of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray movie discs manufactured earlier in 2016 may not play on the Xbox One. This issue has since been corrected, but if you are experiencing a problem playing a specific 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray movie disc, you can contact the customer service department or Xbox repair centre for related issues.

Note that your console does not require repair or update to resolve this specific disc problem. If you need more help with this, contact Xbox repair technicians to solve problems with the game console and run it as before.

Make sure the disc is clean and not defective. Clean the disc with a soft, clean, slightly damp cloth. Hold the disc by its edges without touching the top or bottom surface. Try playing the disc on another Xbox One console.

Playing the disc in another console will help you figure out if the problem is with the individual disc or in console’s disc drive. Try the disc on a friend’s console or at a retail location that can test a disc. If it’s a drive problem, you need to search Xbox repair specialists and have it repaired.

If your disc works on another Xbox One console, go to the following section, none of my discs plays or my disc isn’t recognised when I insert it. Make sure the Blu-ray player application has been successfully installed. For more information, see Set up and install the Blu-ray and DVD player app on the Xbox One game console or consult with Xbox repair technician for the respective issues.

Make sure your DVD or Blu-ray disc came from the area you purchased. For more information, see supported regions and styles for Blu-ray and DVD movies on Xbox One.

Replace the game, if none of the previous solutions fixed the problem and you still can’t play a particular disc, go to Xbox One disc exchange and learn how to replace a Microsoft game. For non-Microsoft games, contact the game’s publisher about their game disc replacement policy.

The important thing is none of your games or discs are shown in this section or say do not recognize them. This information can help prevent unnecessary replacing the disc. If you have not consulted the Xbox repair centre and try to fix it without knowing what the actual problem is, then it can result in a serious damage or worse.

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