Issues & fixes for iMac and MacBook Repair

Do you have a MacBook that needs a repair? If yes, then we can help you with it. We offer a complete iMac repair or MacBook repair service for your damaged and faulty Apple gadgets.

Our friendly, helpful technicians can solve your problem and offer best solutions for any of your repair needs. We provide an instant repair quote for issues with your MacBook. If you decide to continue the MacBook repair, then our technicians will provide you information on repair process and other details.

We treat every repair with the utmost priority and always aim to get your problem solved within 48 hours. We are trusted for our services across the nation in the UK. All repair & replacement services are carried out with utmost ease and offer a 12-month warranty.

We can solve many iMac repair or MacBook repair problems. You can directly walk-in with your MacBook or book a pickup & drop off service from your location through our trusted courier service. The following are some of the issues, we fix with your iMac & MacBook devices:

• Not turning on
• Running slow
• Cracked screens replaced
• Power sockets fixed or replaced
• Virus infections
• Unwanted programs
• Unable to connect to the Network
• Overheating and fans making lots of noise
• Backup your data
• Memory Upgrades
• Crashing and freezing
• Data recovery
• Graphics chip (GPU) re-flow service

If you have a different iMac or MacBook repair problem which is not on the list, don’t panic, there’s no need to go elsewhere you can speak to one of our technicians and we’ll be able to help you with your repair needs.

In many cases, we also offer walk-in repairs, while-u-wait repair and same day repair service for you damaged or faulty iMac or MacBook.

For more information on iMac repair and MacBook repair services, please visit our website at

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