Xbox One Repair & Replacement Service

We are UK console specialists and Xbox One consoles are a very common device that we deal with in day to day life. We carry out repairs for both public and business customers, serving the whole UK with our best courier service. We also serve our local customers who can visit our store with their damaged or faulty Xbox one game console in the UK.

Below is a list of the most common repairs we’ve done for the Xbox one repair. We repair it to the highest standards with the best quality parts. No job is too big or small and we also specialised in soldering services, so we can help where some cannot.

If the glass of your device has suffered a crack, but the LCD is still intact, a simple glass replacement is all you need. This service is one of our specialties that can be completed within an hour.

Sometimes a drop can cause damage to the game console. If your Xbox one repair is not responding after freezing or has lines across the display, a complete rest is needed to get back to normal.

When you insert a disc, it takes a long time to load or it does not load at all. When playing a game you may also get disc reading errors or games freezing. Then you should try to consult one of the Xbox one repair technicians at your location.

If the power button is displaced or disconnected, they may stop the circuit that is working. If you notice that the power button has lost its click rate or if you have completely stopped moving, we can change the flexible cable that controls the button or let Xbox one repair centre to solve it for you at a reasonable price.

When the console is turned on, a green screen with the XBOX logo is shown on the TV. The green screen then changes into a black screen and the console is stuck on this screen. This is what gives the fault its nickname, the Black Screen of Death.

So whether the Xbox One has stopped booting up or the Xbox has stopped reading games, you can be confident that our service is well placed to repair your console. For more information on our Xbox One repair & replacement services, please visit our website at

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