Xbox Game Console Repair & Replacement Services

Welcome to Xbox game console repair centre, the UK’s top most and popular console repair service. From our location, we offer a wide range of game console repairs including Xbox repair, Xbox One repair and Xbox 360 repair. We have successfully repaired thousands of consoles and are trusted by customers for any of their repair needs.

All our game console repairs come with a 12-month warranty! In rare cases where the same fault re-occurs, we will repair your game console again for free. We serve throughout the UK. No appointment is needed, you can directly walk-in with your Xbox game console repair at our store and we’ll fix it for you.

We have skilled and experienced repair technicians, who can get your console back to life in no time. We thoroughly test every game console repair and all of our work is high-quality standards. Simply book your repair job then send it to us and we’ll do the rest.

The following are some of the issues we fix for Xbox game console repair:

• Disc Drive won’t open

• Blinking Red & Yellow lights

• Disc reading error

• Game console won’t turn on

• Dead power adapter

• Bad logic board

• Freezing or crashing

• Overheating problem

Our repair centre has latest equipment and tools for fixing issues with your Xbox game console repair in the UK. Our professionals are eagerly waiting to help you by fixing issues related to your game console and make it work again.

For more information on Xbox game console repair and replacements services, visit our website at

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