Issues & fixes for LG Mobile Phone Repair

Do you have an LG mobile phone that’s broken or not working? If yes, then you have reached the right place. We carry out a wide range of LG repair services including screen repair, water damage repair and so on. At a practical cost with a 12-month warranty. Our technicians are experts in fixing issues with your LG mobile phone repair and make it work as it was working before.

LG is responsible for many top-end smartphones including the glorious LG G6, LG G5 and the Google Nexus 5. The G6 is one of the most powerful Android mobiles on the market and its screen resolution is impeccable, but unfortunately not smash-proof!

Breakages of smartphones are common and our mobile phone repair service offers repair & replacement for all models of LG mobile phones in the UK. We source Grade A parts for our repairs and carry out each job to the highest standards.

If you have a problem with your LG device, get in touch and we can have a repair scheduled quickly. Whether you come to our workshop or book an online repair you can be sure of a high-quality parts and services.

LG phone repair centre can fix all makes and models of LG, here is a list of popular LG Mobile Phone Models: LG G6, LG G5, LG G2, LG G3, LG G4, LG G Flex, LG G Flex 2, LG Nexus 4, LG Nexus 5, LG Nexus 5X, LG V10, LG V20, LG Optimus and more.

Whatever problem you have with your LG mobile phone repair, we can fix it:

• Cracked, broken or non-working screen

• Software/data recovery problems

• Hardware issues

• Liquid damage

• Broken casing

• Battery Replacement

• Home Button problem

• Liquid Spill damage

• Charging Port problem

All you have to do is contact our LG repair centre & book a pickup and drop off through courier service. We also provide walk-in repair, while-u-wait repairs and same day repair service. We are trusted repair service for fixing your LG mobile phone in the UK.

For more information on LG mobile phone repair and replacement services, please visit our website at

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