Services offer for Xbox 360 Game Console Repair

The Microsoft Xbox 360 game console repair was characterised by overheating problems, especially in the first release of certain models and caused a call-back wave. In the original Xbox, the problem showed up when the system was randomly frozen while playing or using the dashboard. On the Xbox 360, overheating exhibited itself in the infamous Red Ring of Death (RROD) environment with the red circle around the power button.

This problem is very common in the console due to the high heat output of the high-performance technology, poor cooling design and the combination of a crisp lead-free solder. Each model-specific solution to these problems is available at Xbox repair centre.

All our repairs come with a 12-month warranty! In rare case, where the same fault re-occurs, we will repair your game console for free! We are professional repair specialists in the UK for all console repairs ranging from private individuals to leading retail outlets or trade customers.

Collections and Delivery of Xbox 360 game console repair via a trusted courier service. We offer 48 hours turnaround time. Our technicians are highly qualified and fully trained specialist for fixing all sorts of issues associated with your Xbox 360 game console repair in the UK.

If you have a query, then please complete the form and we will get back to you. The majority of queries receive a response within an hour and all enquiries receive a response within 1 working day. If your enquiry requires an instant response then you need to fill the form and then make a call to our repair technicians.

If your Xbox 360 repair is misbehaving, why don’t you walk in and have a chat with one of our technicians? Our workshop is located in Manchester. If you are not local to our store, you may book an online pickup and drop off through trusted courier service. All our services are carried out at a practical cost.

For more information on Xbox 360 game console repair and replacement services, please visit our website at


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