A few tips to fix issues for Sony Laptops in the UK

The laptop is one of the useful electronic devices in our daily life. Sony has a range of Vaio Laptops with the best design, appearance and performance. Despite the advantages, it also faces some problems with display, network connectivity, audio, overheating and battery problems. We will discuss some of the problems and suggest how to fix them.

Black Screen Issues:

If your laptop turn on, the power LED will light up, the cooling fan will run, but nothing appears on the screen. It is completely black and empty. This could be a memory error. One of the memory modules may fail. In this case, you can reset the memory modules to make sure they are in good contact with the socket. You can try to extract the memory modules one by one and test the laptop with only one module installed.

If the memory resets / replacement does not help, try removing the hard drive, DVD drive, modem, wireless card, and keyboard. In other words, disassemble the laptop and test again. If the laptop is not turning on, it is likely that the motherboard or processor is disabled. Search for a repair centre with experts for fixing issues with your Sony laptop.

Won’t turn on:

A laptop that will not boot even if it is plugged in may have a faulty power supply, battery, motherboard, video card, or RAM. If you have control of the power connection and this is subtle, it will be easier to evaluate the repair unless you go and test yourself. You should consult one of the specialists in your area for repair and replacement services with your gadget.

Overheating problems:

The overheating problem can be fixed by disassembling the laptop. For this purpose, a Philips screwdriver is required. Sony uses two types of screws for the Vaio laptop. For this reason, it is easy to remember where they came from. First, unscrew and remove the cooler,then clean the CPU surface.

Apply a silver or gold color CPU thermal composition. Then put everything together. If it is still the same, then search for repair service who are experienced in fixing problems with your Sony laptop.

Battery problems:

As you know, battery life is shortened with constant life and unloading. In fact, the charge capacity may show a reduction of about 50% after two years of repeated daily charge and discharge. This usually happens to a laptop connected to an AC adapter at home. While battery disturbance cannot be prevented, the degrading rate can be significantly slowed down by following some ideas. It’s better to  replace a battery when its charging performance is poor.

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How to fix Sony Laptops Repair issues?

Do you have problems with your beloved Sony device? If yes, do not hesitate, you should look for a repair store that has decades of experience in solving problems with your device. In this post we will suggest some of the issues and services for Sony laptop repairs.

Start up Problems:

If you already tried the startup repair options and attempted a system restore it looks like the system has got to a stage that you need to run a full recovery. A full recovery will erase all the data on the C drive. After reboot, tap on the function key F10 and this will give you your recovery options.

The options you see will vary by model, but most Vaios will give you a “Vaio Rescue Center” screen. If you see a screen that says Edit Boot Options at top after pressing the F10 key, you should now press enter and then the installation will continue.

In the Vaio recovery cente window, “Select a program” click on Restore C: Drive and then press the start button. You must be on the way to get the C drive to factory specifications. If you are facing issues to start the Sony laptop and need repair for it. Then search for a service repair centre with experts who can solve the problem with your device.

Black Screen issues:

A fairly new laptop, maybe a year and a half old, is having some problems. The laptop turns on and I can say it because it sounds normal when I turn it on. All the lights will flash like a laptop. However, the screen remains black.

The black screen is usually very easy to repair on a laptop. First, shut down your laptop by holding down the start button. Next, pull the battery out of the Sony laptop and remove the battery. Press and hold the Start button for about few seconds. If you cannot fix it on your own, then you need to consult one of the best repair services to fix your device and work as before.

Won’t power on:

Are you trying to turn on your laptop after a few days? And found it won’t power on. You will wonder what internal battery power is, because if you have not used your laptop for a while, and you’re not able to find what the actual problem is?. When first started to use the shelf, suddenly realized that the external battery had been unlocked at one end. Slide it back before you start the laptop.

Remove the battery for a few minutes and then try to restart. The only indication of life is a power button, which is green, battery light goes on when holding the power button to shut down. If your laptop  have faced the same issues, then check with your repair technician who can easily troubleshoot your device.

Overheating problems:

One of the most common issues with aging laptops is overheating, and many people are not sure how to fix them. We will help you understand what caused the heat and how it worked to make your laptop work at a lower temperature.

Overheating can cause a lot of problems from seemingly random blue screens to data loss. You did not even know that this was the root of your problems, and you have a burnt motherboard before you know it. Let’s have a look at step-by-step progress and how we deal with overheating problems with the laptops.

The first thing you need to do is find out where the heat comes from. No air flow means heat transfer, so figure out the location of the air ventilators. Do you have hot air or a breeze? Hold it in an open place to cool, remove battery for some time and insert it to check its still warm. If yes, find one of the nearest repair centre at your location in the UK.

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How to fix issues for the Laptops in the UK

Nowadays, electronic devices have become important in our daily life. One of them is the laptops. Moving from one place to another is easy and helps in communicating, preparing presentations and playing games. There are also a number of issues that need to be fixed with laptops. We will discuss some problems and how to fix them.

Screen Replacement:

The more you try to prevent it, there’s always a chance that your laptop screen can get damaged. Any slight knock, scratch or crack could deem it useless, and there’s nothing worse than seeing your pride and joy seemingly beyond repair. If you have an expensive model such as Sony Vaio, then many people think that the only option is to replace everything, it can be even harder. But, there is an alternative. Screen replacement can be done easily at affordable prices.

The display can easily be changed even though it is an integral part of your laptop. As long as the damage affects the screen, you will need to consult one of the best service technicians at your location to repair your device.


First of all, I would like to state that the cooling system in the VAIO laptop is flawed. When the laptops are manufactured in the factory, they probably use a cheap heat sink paste. This is the cause of random overheating, crashing and closing after about a year of use.

Fixing this issue is possible by opening the laptop. Before you try to open it, make sure that the warranty expires. Usually this is one year from the date of purchase. If the laptop is still under warranty, we can try to deliver your dealer. But still, the place you buy will resist to accept a laptop and tell you that it is a software problem. Software problems are generally not covered by the warranty. Then call a repair service to solve problems with your laptop.

Liquid Spill:

This problem occurs suddenly when water or liquid falls on your laptop, it stops or get damaged. It closes when this happens. When you turn it on, no opening sign will be shown except for a light on the home button. You should pull out the battery first, let water spill after the laptop turned upside down. At one point, wipe the keyboard and base, but everything will look so horrible that you may feel uncomfortable and try to fix on your own. Instead, look for the repair shop where problems with your device can be solved easily and return as quickly as possible.

Hard Disk problems:

Another problem that is likely to occur on Sony laptop is hard drive failure. Often, slow system performance is indicated by collapsed programs or a blue screen. There are some programs to check the hard drive, which try to display the errors visually.

There is a capacitor malfunction in some of the Sony laptop models. The capacitors used in the Integrator are too close to the CPU and overheated. They lose their capacities and processor voltage, which causes slow performance and sometimes the laptop does not even start. Just try to get in contact with a repair centre with expert technicians and specialists to solve problems with damage devices.

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Few tips to fix Laptop issues in the UK

In today’s generation, laptops have gained importance in our daily lives. It is easy to carry from one place to another. In this article, we will discuss some of the issues associated with Laptops and the best way to fix it in the UK.

Laptop won’t boot up properly:

The operating system and other software on the laptop can cause a number of problems. Many laptops have custom software installed to suit individual needs. One simple trick is to try to enter safe mode, press the F8 key on the keyboard during startup, and try to clear your laptop using anti-virus.

If you need to reformat your laptop, reinstall your operating system from the CD that came with the laptop. At the time of installation, you will need all the drivers CD. If you are not able to start up properly, look for a repair service specialist who can solve your laptop problem.

One of Drives is missing:

If you turn on your laptop and cannot see the CD-ROM or any other removable drives like DVD-ROM drive. This problem is common for laptop and it may be caused by a drive failure or  damaged software. If its a removable drive try to remove it and insert it again.

There may be a need to reinstall the driver. Fast search on the Internet, you should be able to find the latest one. Try to install the driver properly. If not, ask an expert repair technician for tips on fixing the problem.

Dropped Laptop:

Unfortunately, losing the laptop can cause a lot of problems, from cracking a case to shattering the screen. Many older laptops have modular components that can be replaced, but newer and smaller laptops are now almost always integrated on the motherboard, which makes repair expensive.

In some cases, it may be cheaper to replace the entire laptop than to repair it, depending on the damage and age of the laptop. Sometimes its repair is cheaper than buying a new one, search for the best repair stores having experienced technicians to fix the problem at a reasonable price.

The battery not charging:

When you try to charge your laptop. You are surprised to find that it does not work, try removing and reinserting the battery. The battery pack is exposed to excessive heat or cold. Put the battery in a suitable environment and try again in a few minutes. If it does not work, the battery may be damaged and may need to be repair.


Excessive use of the laptop makes it hot from the bottom. When it is hot, you can feel the heat. Ensure that the laptop is properly ventilated and that the fan ports are not blocked. If this does not cool it, put the system into sleep mode or turn off for one hour. Make sure the vents are not blocked and the laptop is not sitting hot. Check whether you are using the correct adapter for charging.

Battery Draining:

The battery is not fully discharged before charging. The power option is disabled or the peripherals are using too much power. Allow free space and smooth functionality of your laptop by removing unwanted applications from your storage. If your laptop comes with built-in battery, then you need to consult a repair service, the best technician can solve the problem and return to your device as soon as possible.

Speed Problems:

You run anti-virus software on your laptop. These use a lot of system resources. We recommend that any laptop has at least 1GB of system memory. Most current operating systems require at least that amount to run efficiently. If you are running less memory, we recommend that you upgrade the memory.

Another problem with speed is due to slow Internet or Wi-Fi connections. Check that your Internet speed is working properly, if not try to reset the connection by turning off the modem.

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How to fix common problems or issues for Laptops

Now-a-days, electronic devices have become one of the important aspects of our daily lives. Today we will talk about laptops. Laptops are easy to use and carry from one place to another. If you find your device has stopped working unexpectedly. First of all, you want to try fixing the problem yourself and if not possible, look for an expert repair service at your location in the UK. In this post, we will discuss most common laptop hardware related problems and give some suggestions how to repair them.

Laptop Won’t turn on:

When the AC adapter plugs into the laptop, no indicator lights up. When you press the power button, nothing happens. Laptops seem completely dead, no sound, no signs of life. The AC adapter has failed and the battery has no power. In this case, test the AC adapter with a voltmeter. If it’s dead, replace it with a new one. The DC jack is faulty and the board does not receive any power from the adapter.

In this case, the DC jack must be replaced. For, motherboard failure. It must be replaced if it is not too expensive. Otherwise, ready to buy a new one. Instead of doing this, find a professional technician to solve the problems with your gadgets at one of the best service centre.

Blank Screen:

If your laptop turns on, the power LED lights up, cooling fan works, but nothing appears on the screen. The screen is completely black and blank with no image on the screen. This can be a memory failure. It’s possible one of the memory modules failed. In this case you can try resetting memory modules to make sure they are making good contact with the slot. Remove memory modules one by one and test the laptop with only one module installed. You can try replacing memory modules.

If resetting/replacing memory doesn’t help, try removing the hard drive, DVD drive, modem, wireless card and the keyboard. In other words, disassemble the laptop to a bare minimum and test again. If the laptop still doesn’t turn on, most likely you have failed the motherboard or the processor.

Laptop make noise while running:

When you turn on the laptop everything works fine, except some constant weird grinding or rattling noise. In most cases this noise is coming from the cooling fan or hard drive. Take a closer look at the cooling fan.

If your fan is not spinning and still the laptop makes the noise, this may be from the hard drive. Backup all your personal data and replace your hard drive as soon as possible. In addition, you can remove the hard drive and restart the laptop. If the laptop is damaged, broken or not working, then, look for the best repair technician to solve problems with your gadget.

Laptop Freeze or Shut Down:

The laptop runs normally, but after a while it freezes or shuts down without any warning. When it happens, the bottom feels hot. In addition, the cooling fan runs louder than usual.

This is likely to be a heat-related problem. This is because the fan cooler is blocked by dust and the processor cannot cool properly. Clean the dust from the fan to fix it. If not, visit one of the best repair service centre.

Battery doesn’t charge properly:

The battery stops charging. Charging is only possible after adjusting the position of the AC adapter plug in the power connector. If the charge is not sufficient, try reconnecting the battery. Also, try running the laptop just from the AC power adapter, after removing the battery.

If it works well from the AC adapter, it is likely the battery or the failed motherboard. Try replacing the battery. For a failed DC power connector. The battery will charge only after you have adjusted the position of the AC adapter tip inside the connector, most likely a DC outlet fault. Try repairing it or walk-in with your device and visit the best repair store for any of your repair needs.

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Issues with Sony Gadgets and How to fix them

Electronic devices become important in our daily lives. Everyone is interested in maintaining smartphones, laptops, tablets and game consoles. Sometimes your beloved gadget is damaged or stopped working. Without stress, you need to find a service centre and consult the technical staff about your problems related to your gadget. Today, we’ll discuss some of the issues associated with Sony Xperia smartphones, laptops, tablets and game consoles.


First of all, I would like to mention that the cooling system on the laptop is defective. When laptops are manufactured at the factory, they may use inexpensive thermal sink paste. This is why, after continuous use, it starts overheating, crashes and causes random shutdown.

As I said before, the overheated problem can be solved by disassembling the laptop. To this end, a screwdriver is required. Sony uses two types of screws for the laptop, so it’s easy to remember where they come from. First, remove the screws that secure the heat sink. Remove the heat sink and clean the CPU surface.

Apply silver or gold heat-sensitive compounds of the CPU. Then put all the things together. If it works, then you need to use it very carefully, or look for a repair stores to your nearest location and fix it as soon as possible.

Hard drive problems:

Fixing this issue is possible by opening the laptop. Before we try to open it, please ensure that the warranty period has expired. Usually this is one year from the date of purchase. If the laptop is still under warranty, we can try to return it to the dealer. But, the place where you bought it will be resistant to accept the laptop, and will tell you that it’s a software problem. Software problems are usually not covered under warranty.

Another problem most likely to occur on a Sony laptop is the failure of the hard drive. Typically, this is caused by slow system performance, a program crashes or even a blue screen.There are two good programs to check the hard drive. If that’s not helpful, then look for the best repair technician who can easily solve issues of Sony laptops and make it work better.

Wi-Fi connectivity problems:

If you have a Sony laptop repair and wifi suddenly stopped working. Then, go to the Wireless Adapter Settings -> Network and Sharing Center, change the adapter settings, right-click and select Properties, “click the Internet Protocol Version 4”, and then select the Properties button.

Make sure to select an IP address automatically and DNS server automatically. Restart the laptop, and then search for the connection again. If it’s not connecting and causing problems, then look for a service center, where an expert repair technician fixes issues associated with your gadget.

Motherboard Issues:

Whether your Sony laptop is running slow or not, we can help you. There is no reason to buy a new Sony laptop when you can repair or upgrade your current system and only need a fraction of purchasing a new one. Here are some Sony laptop repair services available to help you save money.

Repair any power supply problems due to liquid spills, power failure, or lightning strikes. The motherboard controls the following hardware, such as audio, video, power, keyboard, USB, FireWire, and touch pad. If you are experiencing problems with any hardware components and need to fix. Then you have to find an expert technician to diagnose the problem. This is usually cheaper than replacing your motherboard.

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