How to fix common issues for Mobile Phone Repairs

Mobile phones are very important devices in our daily life. It’s common to have a mobile phone and easy to maintain it. In today’s market, we have a variety of smartphones for iPhone, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Oneplus, Asus, BlackBerry, Nokia and Microsoft Lumia. These brands have the most smartphone devices, but in some cases, they may be damaged and need repair. Therefore, we can discuss some of the following tips to solve these problems related to smartphones in the UK.

Touch screen:

Is your touch screen slow or inconvenient? If so, then you are facing a big problem. Today’s Android users have a lot of touch screen problems, especially in most budget phones. Online quick search will make you realize that it is common for most of the smart phones.

In most cases, this can only be a calibration problem. This can usually be recognized when your phone receives the wrong coordinates. Simply put, if you happen to press the upper left corner of the screen, your phone may understand that you have pressed the center of the screen and then the appropriate action takes place.

This really can be a pain when you happen to typing on a soft keyboard and your keystrokes incorrectly explains the phone, and as a result, when you press ‘a’ on the soft keyboard, you may get ‘s’ in the text box. If you want to free from the following issues, then look for a service center, you can easily repair your device to make it work as before.


If you are a big smartphone user, you will undoubtedly experience this unpleasant problem. Unfortunately, the awkward feeling of warmth is not just weird, it is also incredibly bad for your phone and battery life of the screen.

To prevent this problem, make sure your phone is not directly in sunlight. You will be surprised that a small black rectangle can attract unwanted heat. In addition, keep the brightness low and close the unused apps. Because unused applications may consume more RAM and run in the background without notification. For more information related to issues, look an expert repair technicians who can easily fix your gadget with out letting you down.

Too Much Trash:

There are a lot of reasons why applications are great. Unfortunately, it can create lots of junk in unused folders, slowing down your smartphone than any other. Many users complain about the problem.

If you want to make sure this problem no longer bothers you, then they are some apps which help to make your phone run faster. Simply download, click, and you’ll have a faster phone at any time, or uninstall apps that are no longer useful in smart phones. Keeping these applications will invalidate your phone and degrade performance.

Slow Online Speeds:

Online speed puzzles everyone, not just mobile users. But as more people use smartphones than ever before, online speed is more important than ever. According to the report, some of the places in eastern countries experienced these problems more than any other continent.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do for online problems without a stronger WiFi connection or a better location. There is an application or two promises to make the online faster, but let’s be honest, who knows will it work. Turn off your router and your Wi-Fi signal for a few seconds.

Try restarting it and resetting after you reconnect your phone. If you are not connected, then look for the best repair shop with experienced technical staff and consult them about issues with your gadgets.

Phone Crashes:

This is actually a common issue with a lot of Mobile Phones. There is nothing more frustrating than looking at a completely blank phone every time. After all, that pizza flies off the shelves and speed is the name of the game.

This actually is a common problem with a lot of mobile phones. Nothing even more frustrating is that every time I look at a completely blank smart phone. Fortunately, if you are still under warranty, you can take it to a service center, get a repair or replace it with a brand new one. Otherwise, the factory reset and restarting your phone can solve this problem.

Slow Response Time:

So having a phone that loads slower than the first computer ever invented doesn’t really seem fair. However, many users claim this is one of important smartphone issues.

There are many ways to make your phone much better response time. Reducing unnecessary applications, media, and even widgets will block your problem in their tracks.

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Common issues for Sony Xperia and How to fix them

Sony Xperia is one of the best smartphones with its camera quality and performance in the market. Some users face a common problem with Sony Xperia smartphones. Today, we will suggest some tips for repairing your Sony device in the UK.

Screen Issues:

Users complain that their touchscreen is experiencing a response problem, especially when they use the on-screen keyboard to send messages. Reboot your phone. If you cannot access the reboot device by touching the screen, use the power button and the volume up key. Use the repair firmware to discover whether your problem is caused by a hardware or software.

Make sure that any screen protector or protective cover used by the phone does not affect the touch screen by air bubbles or compression. The factory resets the phone to clear any problems caused by unresponsive or fragmented data. If it still does not work then, look for a repair center that can fix issues related to your gadget.


Many people complain that their Sony Xperia mobile phone in the process becomes warmer. This has become a standard complaint for all new smartphones. As manufacturers pack more powerful hardware into smaller form factors, these smartphones get warmer when they use them. The longer you use it, the more intense your activity will be and the warmer it will get.

Take a break from time to time, let it cool down. Remove the case, If you use one. Do not dunk in cold water! If it is too hot, then the glass will crack. Keep it cool to normal temperature by removing the case and cover to avoid damage and save the cost of repair.

Wi-Fi won’t connect:

A lot of owners of Sony Xperia have been complaining about weak Wi-Fi signals. Some people have trouble connecting to a specific router, but most people find the signal to drop frequently. In some cases, the problem is aggravated when both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on. There is also a possibility that the power saving mode is influential because it stops automatic synchronization and turns off the display when the connection is disconnected.

Ensure that Bluetooth is turned off. Turn Stamina Mode off. It should be turned off by default, but you can check in Settings> Power Management> STAMINA Mode. If you find the same problem, then look for a repair technicians near your location to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Music pausing or stuttering:

Some people report their music stuttering and pauses during playback problems, regardless of the application they’re using to listen to it. Here are a few potential problems. If you use Bluetooth to stream your music to your headset or speakers, it may be due to a Wi-Fi conflict. It can also be a MicroSD card, if this is where your music is stored.

When you are using Bluetooth, turn off Wi-Fi to see if it has changed. Try moving the music to the internal memory or changing your MicroSD card. This may be MicroSD card has some problems. If not, consult the best repair technician to solve these problems without wasting time.

Phone charges too slowly:

Many users have complained that the Sony Xperia takes too long to charge back to its full capacity after use. By using it to charge another device, ensure that the power outlet in question works. Make sure that the phone’s charger and cables are properly connected to the power source and are not loosened in any way. Always make sure to use the cables provided by the phone, as the backup cable may cause a slow charge or a battery problem.

Connect your phone directly to a computer or laptop via USB to ensure that the cable is not damaged. If there is a problem with the charger, ask to replace or buy a new one. If charger is not a problem and your phone is charging, longer than usual, you may need to find a service centre to verify and solve issues related to your Sony gadget.

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Few tips to fix common issues for Sony Xperia Z5

The Sony Xperia Z5 is one of the best smartphones in the market, with its design, look, camera quality and performance. Occasionally, it may happen that your beloved gadget is damaged or is having problems. If so, then you should search for a service center where an expert repair technician fixes issues related to your Sony gadget.

Won’t turn on:

Trying to turn on the Sony Xperia Z5 instead of staring at a blank screen is powerfully annoying, but thankfully Sony suggests some fixes for this particular Z5 problem. One solution is to try to force a shutdown. Open the cover of the nano-SIM card and the memory card slot, use the pen tip or a similar size object, and hold down the shutter button for a few seconds. The Sony Xperia Z5 will vibrate three times, after which you can release the off button. Try turning on the device to see if the problem is resolved.

If you still face this problem, it is worth trying to reboot for two minutes, which is done by holding down the off button for about 120 seconds. Ignore any vibrations that are felt during the two-minute window – release the off button only when the time is up. Insert the Sony Xperia Z5 into the charger, and when you see the charging icon on the screen, try turning it on. If not, you should find a repair shop near you to fix your device.

Poor battery life:

Are you trying to survive with a smartphone with poor battery life is a nightmare, but fortunately there are many third-party apps that may just save the day. If your battery life is going down and you are sure not to take a chance of replacing yourself, then walk-in with your device to the nearest repair store seeking experts advice, and resolve your issue within a short period of time.

Touch screen problems:

The touch screen on the Sony Xperia Z5 may be affected by a custom screen saver, so if you have one, it is worth deleting it to see if it is the cause of the problem. If not, Sony said, overheating can also affect the Sony Xperia Z5 display. There is no indication of what the smartphone is. So, look around for expert technical staff and consult them about your gadget.

Device freezing:

If your Sony Xperia Z5 is frozen, try safe mode may help you identify the problem. The idea here is that your recent downloaded application may have an impact on performance. To enable safe mode, turn off the Sony Xperia Z5, and then press and hold the power key until the vibration is felt. When you see the Sony and Xperia logos, press and hold the Volume Down button until Safe Mode appears on the screen.

When you activate security mode, the applications load that comes only with the device. If you notice an immediate improvement in performance, it may be something you have downloaded which is causing the damage, and soon you need a repair. If so, get rid of the damage caused by the application or uninstall them.

No network coverage:

If you experience network coverage problems when using Sony Xperia Z5, your first task is to go to Settings> More Mobile Networks and reselect the network mode. From there, click the Preferred network type, then select Network mode. Try these settings and then restart the phone.

This sounds obvious, but enabling the flight mode will prevent the Sony Xperia Z5 from receiving network information. Make sure this mode is off and make sure the STAMINA mode can be said the same. When activated, STAMINA mode pauses mobile data and Wi-Fi connections. If anything does not work, then you need to look for a repair centre that has experts to repair the issues associated with your gadget.

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